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Vacuum Technologies

PJS Fluid Technologies Ltd has over 40 years experience in vacuum technology embodying:

– Design
– Development
– Testing
– Commissioning
– Trouble shooting

The experience gained covers many different types of vacuum equipment or hybrids of differing technologies for example:

– Dry pumps and pumping systems utilising screw or claw technology.
– Wet pumps and pumping systems with Liquid Ring Pumps and Oil sealed pumps.
– Steam and Gas Ejector systems often linked with Liquid ring pump technology.
– Liquid ejectors and eductors.

Fluid Transfer Solutions

On a consultative basis PJS Fluid Technologies have been actively engaged in fundamental research for many years, particularly in the Nuclear and Power Industries. This has included:

– Radioactive sludge removal. See the case study by clicking here.
– Highly Active (HA) liquor transfer. The majority of (HA) transfer systems in the UK are based on the original designs carried out by PJS Fluid Technologies Ltd when employed by Hick Hargreaves & Co Ltd.
– Suspended liquor/particle transfer. See the case study by clicking here.
– Mixed solvent and aqueous transfer. A special design of the (HA) transfer device was developed suitable for handling mixtures both Liquor and Solvents.
– Air ingress monitoring for Power Station turbine condensers. This proved to be a particularly useful tool for the power station performance engineers.

PJS Fluid Transfer Services
PJS vacuum drying services

Vacuum Drying Solutions

PJS Fluid Technologies Ltd developed the internationally recognised procedures for drying gas pipe lines. These procedures have now been adapted to other areas.

Gas pipelines – diameters to 1000 mm length up to 1000 Km.

Heat exchangers – Heat exchangers going into long term storage after hydro test need to be dry to prevent corrosion. The methods developed by PJS Fluid Technologies Ltd guarantee the dryness even when there is little heat transfer into the heat exchanger.

Radioactive fuel elements – Radioactive fuel elements carry a significant amount of water from their storage under water. This presents a containment issue for long term storage. PJS Fluid Technologies Ltd, working with Sellafield engineers developed a procedure for the de-watering of these elements prior to encapsulation.

Heat Exchanger Design

Having spent many years in the process and vacuum industry PJS Fluid Technologies Ltd is qualified to design and evaluate various types of heat exchanger and their application, typically:

– General shell and tube process design.
– Mixed condensation under pressure or vacuum.
– Power turbine condenser design.
– Turbine feed heating systems.

PJS Heat Exchanger services