October 2019 Blog

October 19 blog pic

Photo taken by Caryl (October 2019) from the temporary footbridge over the River Earmont, Pooley Bridge , Cumbria. The old bridge 1764-2015 was swept away by flood water.

Work is now underway to build a new bridge which will hopefully be open by Easter 2020

Tech  Report.

Not much to report as Paul’s role as chief cook and bottle washer continues. Supporting regular client’s in-between.

Caryl was making very good progress after her knee operation until the car door swung open and hit what had, up until then, been her good leg.

A trip to A & E followed as it had caused a deep wound plus some skin loss. Still having twice weekly visits to the clinic to have it checked and dressed.

In the words of the song “Things can only get better”

Paul and Caryl  

Diwali greetings to our Hindu friends

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